7 Goose Creek Candle Reviews


1. Goose Creek Pumpkin Spice Muffin Candle

Official Scent Description: This sweet and spicy treat folds cinnamon, shaved nutmeg, fresh ginger and cake batter into a delicious pumpkin muffin. The finishing touch is brown sugar, maple icing and vanilla.


CandleFind.com posted an online review of the Pumpkin Spice Muffin Candle which can be found here.  The website gave the candle an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.  The reviewer  called the scent wonderful, saying they could detect the notes of cake batter, pumpkin, cinnamon, maple, and vanilla.  The candle got decent marks for scent strength & performance.



2. Goose Creek Peppermint Candle

Official Scent Description: Sugary happiness with every bite. This true aroma is the perfect peppermint stick combined with sweet spun sugar and warm melted honey.

Goose-Creek-Peppermint-Scented-Candle-1CandleFind.com posted a review of the Goose Creek Peppermint Candle which can be found here. The reviewer gave the candle a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, giving the candle high marks for performance & scent. The reviewer said the candle smelled like peppermint candies (no chocolate notes were detected).  The candle review website CandleScoop.com named the Goose Creek Peppermint candle to their “Top 10 Favorite Goose Creek Scents”. (see list here)




3. Goose Creek Dark Vanilla Bean Candle

Official Scent Description: Classic rich French vanilla cream. A bit of toasted coconut & caramel butter brings warmth & longevity.

Goose-Creek-Dark-Vanilla-Bean-Jar-Candle-1BestofCandles.com posted an online review of the Goose Creek Dark Vanilla Bean Candle that can be seen here. The reviewer called the vanilla scent “lovely” but said the caramel has a “slightly burned” smell. In terms of scent throw, the reviewer gave the wax tart a “6” saying it would cover a medium sized room fairly well.




4. Goose Creek Cranberry Candle

Official Scent Description: A tart, bright blend of fresh berries and lemon, sweetened with raw sugar and vanilla. Enjoy fresh blackberries, lemon, raspberry, cranberry wine, raw sugar crystals and vanilla.

Goose-Creek-Cranberry-Scented-Candle-1Youtube.com reviewer Az4Angela posted a video review of the Large Jar Goose Creek Cranberry scented candle which can be seenhere.  The reviewer began by complimenting the look of the candle and loved the scent.  She described it as a “crisp, cranberry scent” mixed with sugar and vanilla to balance out the tartness of the cranberry.  In terms of throw, the reviewer gave the candle a “9” calling it awesome. She also had no issues with the burn of the candle. She ended the review by recommending the candle for purchase.




5. Goose Creek Watermelon Patch Candle

Official Scent Description: Take a walk through the watermelon patch. Thump once or twice, be sure to pick a good one. Enjoy notes of green grass, fresh melon and water flower


Goose-Creek-Watermelon-Patch-Wax-Tart-1YouTube user Bad Enabler posted an online video review of the Goose Creek Watermelon Patch Mason Jar Candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer noted that the candle smelled like pure watermelon – no additional notes added. The reviewer also noted that the throw of the candle was good.  He noted he did not get any soot burning the Goose Creek mason jar, unlike the other jars from Goose Creek.



6. Goose Creek Kiss in the Sand Candle

Official Scent Description: Enjoy a seaside kiss as cool ocean water splashes your toes. This fragrance is a sexy blend of dark berries, moon flower and violet wrapped in a sensual cocoon of vanilla, sandalwood and light musk.

Goose-Creek-Kiss-in-the-Sand-Wax-MeltPopular YouTube candle reviewer AZ4Angela posted a video review of the Goose Creek 14.5 oz, Kiss in the Sand 3-wick tumbler that can be seen here.  The reviewer loved the scent of the candle and the presentation. She described the scent as a “Sophisticated floral scent mixed with a juicy berry note”.  She also commented that the Violet notes really stood out for her. In terms of scent throw, the reviewer gave this candle a 7.5, calling it “medium-high”.  She ended by highly recommending this fragrance.


7. Goose Creek Harvest Hayride

Official Scent Description: The fun days of fall… Sweet autumn air, smoky embered woods and warm spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove. Enjoy the harvest hayride.

Goose-Creek-Harvest-Hayride-Scented-Candle-1BestofCandles.com posted a review of the Harvest Hayride Candle which can be seen here. The reviewer described the candle scent as a mix of spice, “creamy soap scent” & “church incense smoke”, calling it “odd”.



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