Bath & Body Works Cranberry Woods Candle Reviews


Bath-Body-Works-Cranberry-Woods-Scented-Candle-1Official Bath & Body Works Scent Description: Fresh cranberries, black currant & warm cinnamon bark capture harvest beauty in a fruity scent

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What Others are Saying about the Bath & Body Works Cranberry Woods Candle

– YouTube Reviewer: MrKongsMom – watch video

Thumbs UpYouTube user MrKongsMom posted a positive review of the Bath & Body Works Cranberry Woods Candle.  The reviewer called it one of her favorite candle scents from Bath & Body Works. The reviewer said that the cranberry & black currant notes were noticeable along with a “cologne” type scent with it.  She noted that it wasn’t a fruity scent, but more a dark scent for the Fall season. The reviewer called the performance “beautiful” and rated the throw as an “8.5 or 9”.


– YouTube Reviewer: LightsCameraPhoto – watch video

Meh-RatingYouTube user lightscameraphoto posted an online video review of the Bath & Body Works Cranberry Woods Candles.  The reviewer complimented the scent and said it was a definite fall scent. She mentioned that she got all the notes from the candle including the cranberry & cinnamon. Once burning, the reviewer had issues calling the performance awful, grading it a “D”.  In terms of scent throw, the reviewer gave it an “A-” saying it was strong and surprising with the bad burn.


– Delabelle’s Beauty Blogread review

Thumbs said this was one of her favorite new candles of the winter season. She noted that the cranberry scent stood out over the other notes, but it “worked out perfectly”.


Bath-Body-Works-Cranberry-Woods-Candle-2 Bath-Body-Works-Cranberry-Woods-Candle-1







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