Bath & Body Works Flannel Candle Review


Official Bath & Body Works Scent Description:
This fall favorite from Bath & Body Works contains notes of Crisp Autumn Air, Bergamot, Heirloom Mahogany, Soft Musk.

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Our Review of the Bath & Body Works Flannel Candle

Cold sniff:  On cold, its a very nice scent.  I can pick up notes of apple, musk, and spice. It’s a juicy, earthy, delightful smell.  Its a sophisticated scent, a little hard to describe.  I know Flannel gets released every fall & winter, but I think it could work anytime of year. 

Lit Scent: I think I love this scent even more when it’s lit.  It’s both a cologne scent & a woodsy scent at the same time.  It kind of reminds me of a scent you would smell in an upscale clothing store at the mall.  It has that kind of vibe to it. 

Scent Throw & Strength: In terms of scent strength & throw, Flannel was perfect.  It drifted across the main floor of the house, down to the basement, and up to the second-floor bedrooms. But, it’s not too strong. It’s noticeable without being heavy.  I would give this a 7/10 for scent strength and a 9/10 for scent throw.  

Final Thoughts:  Although difficult to describe fully, Bath & Body Works Flannel is a great scent.   It performed well and the scent throw was perfect.  I would highly recommend picking up this candle when released.


What Others are Saying About the Bath & Body Works Flannel Candle

–  YouTube Reviewer: Katys Kandles – watch video
Thumbs UpYouTube user Katys Kandles posted a positive review of the Bath & Body Works Flannel Candle.  The reviewer loved the fragrance of this candle,  describing it as a “manly”, cologne-y scent.  In terms of scent throw, the reviewer said it was “very strong”, filling her entire main floor quickly.  She ended the video saying she would repurchase this candle.


–  YouTube Reviewer: LittleBalladeer – watch video
Thumbs UpYouTube user LittleBalladeer posted a positive review of the Bath & Body Works Flannel Candle.  The reviewer had a difficult time describing the scent, saying it was cologne scent with added musk & sweet notes.  She called it a very “guest-friendly” candle fragrance.  In terms of scent throw, the reviewer said it was strong and could fill a room quickly.  Overall, she liked the candle and thought she would purchase more in the future. 


– Real Talk About BBW Candles – read review

Real Talk About BBW Candles called the Flannel candle ” little weird but it’s still a nice and pleasant scent and worth tryin”.  The reviewer described the scent as sweet & “COLOGNE-Y”.


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