Bath & Body Works Leaves Candle Review


Official Bed, Bath & Beyond Scent Description: The fresh scent of golden nectar, juicy apple & spiced berries celebrates autumn leaves

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What Others Are Saying About the Bath & Body Works Leaves Candle

YouTube user Brett & Brad posted an online video review of the Bath & Body Works Leaves Candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer complimented both the burn & scent throw of the candle, calling the scent throw “about a 9”.  The reviewer described the scent as a “fall scent”, saying he mostly got notes of golden nectar & spiced berries. He did not get any woodsy or apple notes from the candle. He ended the review saying it was nice, but not his favorite. 


YouTube user MrKongsMom posted an online video review of the Bath & Body Works Leaves Candle that can be seen here. The reviewer began the video calling the candle one of the strongest candles you could get from Bath & Body.  She noted a strong scent within the first 10 minutes of lighting.  She said that the scent was nice, but not her favorite. The reviewer said she got a lot of spicy & berry notes, with some light apple scents. 


– Featured Customer Review
“Wow – smells even better burning. Don’t let the name fool you, it does not smell like burnt leaves. Very Fall!” Review











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