Best Smelling Yankee Candles Ranked by Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed recently asked their readers to rank their favorite Yankee Candles based on wax color.  This is an unusual way of comparing candles as most top candle lists will use scents (best pumpkin scented candles) or occassions (best candles for fall).  However, using wax color as a means of choosing candles does create some interesting comparisions. For instance, the survey pitted a popular beach scent (Yankee Sun & Sand) against a chocolate scent (Yankee Chocolate Layer Cake) for the best “brown” candle. Below is the list as voted on by Buzzfeed readers.  The voting tally was recorded on December 22, 2016.  To see the full survey, click the following link.


yankee-autumn-wreath-scented-candle-2Best Smelling “Red” Yankee Candle

Autumn Wreath: 20K votes
MacIntosh: 19K votes
Apple Spice: 17K votes
Sweet Strawberry: 13K votes
Red Raspberry: 11.5K votes
Cranberry Chutney: 5.5K votes

Our Thoughts: This is a really strong group of Yankee scents.  Our favorite of this list would be Cranberry Chutney, which as you can see came in last. Autumn Wreath is a good scent, but it wouldn’t be our favorite from this group. 



Best Smelling “Orange” Yankee Candle

– Spiced Pumpkin: 22K votes
– Cinnamon Stick: 13K votes
Passion Fruit Martini: 13K votes
Caramel Pecan Pie: 9K votes
Farmer’s Market: 8.5K votes
Fruit Fusion: 8K votes

Our Thoughts: Not a strong group of fragrances in the “orange” category.  However, we would agree with the survey that Spiced Pumpkin is the best of these scents. 




Yankee-Vanilla-Cupcake-Candle-Review-2Best Smelling “Yellow” Yankee Candle

– Vanilla Cupcake: 27.5K votes
– Sparkling Lemon: 11.5K votes
Sunset Breeze: 11K votes
Buttercream: 9.5K votes
Flower’s in the Sun: 6K votes
Waikiki Melon: 5K votes

Our Thoughts: Vanilla Cupcake is the runaway winner of this group, but its unfair to compair such a classic scent against the other candles in this list.



Yankee-Vanilla-Lime-CandleBest Smelling “Green” Yankee Candle

– Vanilla Lime: 15K votes
– April Showers: 14.5K votes
Key Lime Pie: 11.7K votes
Meadow Showers: 10K votes
Summer Wish: 7.5K votes
Green Grass: 7.5K votes

Our Thoughts: We’d rank Yankee’s Key Lime Pie as the best of this group.  Vanilla Lime is a nice scent, but the bakery note in the Key Lime Pie scent is really good. The best “green” candles that Yankee makes are their Christmas/Holiday scents like Balsam & Cedar or Holiday Bayberry.




Best Smelling “Blue” Yankee Candle

Bahama Breeze: 20K votes
– Beach Walk: 14K votes
– Storm Watch: 10.5K votes
Berrylicious: 10K votes
Turquoise Sky: 6K votes
Blue Summer Sky: 4K votes

Our Thoughts: This grouping has a lot of beach/tropical fruit scents.  Bahama Breeze is nice, but not really different than most other tropical fruit drink scents. The survey didn’t list Garden Sweet Pea, which would be our choice for the best scented “blue” candle.



Best Smelling “Purple” Yankee Candle

Lavender Vanilla: 18K votes
– Lemon Lavender: 12K votes
– Lilac Blossoms: 9K votes
Moonlit Garden: 9K votes
Lavender: 8K votes
Vineyard: 6K votes

Our Thoughts: There’s a lot of Lavender in this grouping.  Out of these 6 scents, Lavender Vanilla is probably a bit better that Lilac Blossoms. 




Best Smelling “Pink” Yankee Candle

Pink Sands: 22K votes
– Strawberry Lemon Ice: 10K votes
– Fresh Cut Roses: 9K votes
Pink Peony: 7K votes
Cherry Lemonade: 7K votes
Summer Scoop: 5K votes


Our Thoughts: Pink Sands is the runaway favorite in this group and we would agree.



Best Smelling “Brown” Yankee Candle

Sun & Sand: 14.7K votes
– Salted Caramel: 14.4K votes
– Chocolate Layer Cake: 8K votes
Mountain Lodge: 7.5K votes
Beach Wood: 7.5K votes
Kitchen Spice: 7K votes

Our Thoughts: We would pick Salted Caramel out of this list.  We don’t really like “sun tan lotion” scents like Sun & Sand. I’m also surprised Chocolate Layer Cake isn’t higher on this list as it would be a close second for us. 


I guess the Buzzfeed survey had no love for the “white” wax colored candles, which have some classics like “Soft Blanket”, “Clean Cotton”, “Angels Wings”, “Fluffy Towels” & “Wedding Day”.



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