Colonial Candle Topaz Waters Candle


Colonial-Candle-Topaz-Waters-Jar-Candle-2About Colonial Candle Company: North Carolina based Colonial Candle Company has been producing high quality scented candles for over 100 years.  Colonial is recognized for having great performing candles that have an even burn, great wicks & beautiful wax. 

Official Colonial Candle Scent Description: Sail away in the crystal clear water of St. Barts with sparkling bergamot, blue freesia, and driftwood.



Online Reviews & Articles for the Colonial Candle Topaz Waters Candle

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Colonial-Candle-Topaz-Waters-Jar-Candle-1 Colonial-Candle-Topaz-Waters-Wax-Melt-1










Available Sizes

Simmer Snaps : $4.00
Fragrance Testers : $10.00
3.5oz Small Jar (Up to 20 Hour Burn Time) : $7.50
8oz Medium Jar (Up to 50 Hour Burn Time) : $15.00
22oz Large Jar (Up to 110 Hour Burn Time) : $25.00

The Colonial Candle Topaz Waters Candle can be purchased at the Colonial Candle website at the following link.

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