Colonial White Pumpkin & Clove Candle Review


About Colonial Candle Company: North Carolina based Colonial Candle Company has been producing high quality scented candles for over 100 years.  Colonial is recognized for having great performing candles that have an even burn, great wicks & beautiful wax. 


Official Colonial Candle Scent Description: Brown sugar and white pumpkin are introduced in this traditional twist. Traces of cinnamon leaf, spicy clove and sweet sandalwood forms the heart of this enticing blend. Dark patchouli bark, vanilla cashmere and vetiver woods creates a modern approach to this classic aroma.

Online Reviews & Articles for the Colonial Candle White Pumpkin & Clove Candle

  • posted an online review of the Colonial Candle White Pumpkin & Clove Candle which can be found at the following link.  The reviewer called the scent a spicy pumpkin scent mixed with a men’s cologne scent (from the patchouli and vetiver).  The reviewer said it was an interesting take on the fall pumpkin scents, but not their “cup of tea”. In terms of scent throw, the reviewer gave it a “strong 7”.
  • Wow, this one is rich! It smells like brown sugar and salty butter mixed together with a little bit of cloves added and a smidgeon of pumpkin.” – (link)

Available Sizes
Simmer Snaps : $4.00
Fragrance Testers : $10.00
3.5oz Small Jar (Up to 20 Hour Burn Time) : $7.50
8oz Medium Jar (Up to 50 Hour Burn Time) : $15.00
22oz Large Jar (Up to 110 Hour Burn Time) : $25.00

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