Diptyque Coriandre Candle

Diptyque-Coriandre-Scented-Jar-CandleAbout Diptyque: Diptyque is an upscale fragrance company that has been producing candles, personal care items & perfumes since 1961. Over the past 50 years, their scented candles have become legendary, feauted in many magazines & television programs. They’ve also been used in some of the best spas around the world.

Official Diptyque Scent Description: Diptyque Coriandre Candle is a slightly peppery, aromatic herb with a green-floral, almost zesty fragrance. Perfect for the kitchen.

Online Reviews & Articles for the Diptyque Coriandre

Nordstrom.com Rating:

4.2 out of 5 Stars

“Bought this the first time when I lived in Paris. Great summer scent. The translation in English of the original scent is misleading. “Coriandre” in French means cilantro. “Coriander” is a seed from the same plant, so odorless. This candle smells amazing. As fresh and zesty as cilantro. Not overpowering. Sneaks up on you wonderfully.” – Nordstrom.com Review

“I really didn’t think anything could tear me away from my favourite Feu de bois candle, but this comes close. It is so fresh and aromatic such a delightful new fragrance. The usual plus of a long lasting, even burn that you always get with Diptyque candles.” – Space.nk Review

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