Diptyque Feuille de Lavande Candle

Diptyque-Feuille-de-Lavande-Candle-JarAbout Diptyque: Diptyque is an upscale fragrance company that has been producing candles, personal care items & perfumes since 1961. Over the past 50 years, their scented candles have become legendary, feauted in many magazines & television programs. They’ve also been used in some of the best spas around the world.

Official Diptyque Scent Description: Diptyque Feuille de Lavande (Lavender Leaf) Candle is the scent of lavender leaf, both green and floral, it calls to mind the lavender fields in the South of France. It is the whole plant, not the just flower, that is celebrated to give a more complex fra

Online Reviews & Articles for the Diptyque Feuille de Lavande

Online Blogger Becky Bedbug posted a review of the Diptyque Feuille de Lavande on her website. The reviewer commented that she was unprepared how strong the candle was (to the point of being sick). She described the scent as “a herbal lavender”

4.0 Out of 5 Stars (10 Reviews)

“The large standard candles are heavy, generous, and slow burning. Ample throw with thick, vivid aromas. Feuille de Lavande has earthy, metallic notes laced with vivid greens. Soothing and herbaceous. The candles are slow burners so they last a good while. Trim the wick and place on a level surface – sometimes, if your table is a bit wonky the wax sinks in on one side.” – Amazon Review


“Beautiful top quality candle, relaxing lavender fragrance with a green zingy fresh undertone to give a beautifully balanced refreshing and long lasting scent.” – JohnLewis.com Review

Feuille-de-Lavande-Diptyque-Candle Diptyque-Feuille-de-Lavande-Scented-Jar-Candle

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