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Diptyque-Patchouli-Candles-ImagesAbout Diptyque:
Diptyque is an upscale fragrance company that has been producing candles, personal care items & perfumes since 1961. Over the past 50 years, their scented candles have become legendary, feauted in many magazines & television programs. They’ve also been used in some of the best spas around the world.

Official Diptyque Scent Description: Diptyque Patchouli Candle is a neither completely woody, nor completely herbal, it reveals the wooden scent of the Indonesian hills. Candle Delirium believes this is the purest patchouli scent available in a candle.

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What Others are Saying About the Diptyque Patchouli Candle

– Featured Amazon.com Customer Review
“The scent is really gorgeous — deep, woodsy patchouli with enough cedarwood notes to give it a fresh edge, not earthy. There is the slightest hint of something vanillic which I am guessing would be along the lines of tonka, but not sweet or glorpy and very subtle. Fresh out of the box the scent is very masculine-cologney, but it comes into its own when it’s burned, and I find that after the first burning even the unlit smell mellows a bit. It is very powerfully scented, making a nice subtle scent for feet around even unlit, and the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I have experienced tunneling/uneven burning which I feel is a bit much from a $30 votive candle.” – Amazon Review


– Featured Nordstrom.com Customer Review
“When I first received this candle I almost sent it back because the cold fragrance was very much like strong men’s cologne. I’m glad I lit it, because the burning fragrance is much mellower and beautiful. The patchouli is a clean version, with an incensy nature, and fresh but warm woody notes of cedar or cypress. There is a subtle vanillic sweetness but it serves to highlight the overall resinous and woody nature of the scent blend. This is a very strongly scented candle with intense throw and the small size will fill my ~200sf upstairs in short order; it can be smelled unlit from several feet away. I stick to the small size because for my purposes the large would be too strong.” – Nordstrom.com Review







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