Diptyque Pomander Candle Reviews


About Diptyque
Diptyque is an upscale fragrance company that has been producing candles, personal care items & perfumes since 1961. Over the past 50 years, their scented candles have become legendary, feauted in many magazines & television programs. They’ve also been used in some of the best spas around the world.

Official Diptyque Scent Description
Diptyque Pomander Candle is the essence of cinnamon and orange, like a delicious orange studded with cloves and cinnamon.

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What Others Are Saying About the Diptyque Pomander Candle

PopSugar.com posted an online review of the Diptyque Pomander Candle that can be seen here. The reviewer noted that while they didn’t recommend the candle year-round, it would be perfect for a cold winter night or holiday party.


A Scent Life Blog posted a review of the Pomander candle which can be seen here. The reviewer noted that “On dry sniff, Pomander is the perfect mix of orange and spices, but an hour into the burn I feel that the spices overtake the orange.”


– Featured Amazon.com Customer Review
“This is an extremely lovely scented candle. It’s perfect for fall/winter – a touch of orange and spice. The candle even imparts great fragrance when it’s not being burned (and prior to burning, still in the box!)” – Amazon Review


– Featured Nordstrom.com Customer Review
“I like this scent, but I only burn it during Fall and Winter, primarily around the holidays. It’s very strong and has great throw, but it’s also got those holiday-evoking scents like clove and cinnamon, etc.” – Nordstrom.com Review












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