Goose Creek Crunchy Leaves Candle


Goose-Creek-Crunchy-Leaves-CandleAbout Goose Creek Candles: Goose Creek Candle Company is a family owned business from Kentucky that have been producing premium scented candles since 1997. All candles are poured in the USA and made from high quality waxes & fragrances.

Official Goose Creek Candle Scent Description: Enjoy notes of black currant, Fuji apple, and tangerine, enriched with a warm heart of cinnamon stick, clove bud, and plum puree. Cedarwood, oak bark, amber, convey a cozy finish.

Online Reviews & Articles for the Goose Creek Crunchy Leaves Candle posted an online review of the Goose Creek Crunchy Leaves Wax Melt which can be found at the following link.  The reviewer was able to get the apple notes combined with the wood scents. Other notes were less noticeable. The reviewer called it a “sweeter and less sharp” version of the Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves scent. 

Youtube-logoYouTube user Because I Scent So posted an online video review of the Goose Creek Crunchy Leaves Candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer picked up the wood notes on both cold sniff & when lit.  She also noted there is a bit of sweetness from the apple, but the other notes were minimal.  In terms of scent throw, the reviewer called it a “medium-high” throw. She ended the video calling it a “nice candle” and she recommended it for purchase. 

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