Goose Creek Exhilarating Pineapple Candle

Goose Creek Exhilarating Pineapple

Goose Creek Exhilarating PineappleAbout Goose Creek Candles: Goose Creek Candle Company is a family owned business from Kentucky that have been producing premium scented candles since 1997. All candles are poured in the USA and made from high quality waxes & fragrances.

Official Goose Creek Candle Scent Description: The exhilarating aroma of a peaceful paradise. This pineapple scent is cool and sweet with sugar water, tart lemon, sliced pineapple, and vanilla bean.

Online Reviews & Articles for the Goose Creek Exhilarating Pineapple Candle posted an online review of the Goose Creek Exhilarating Pineapple Candle which can be found at the following link. The reviewer gave the candle a 7.5 out of 10 rating, giving the candle high marks for scent & scent strength. In describing the fragrance, the reviewer said the scent “smelled of fresh, juicy pineapples” and was “sweet and a little bit tangy”.

Youtube-logoYouTube user Az4Angela posted an online video review of the Goose Creek Exhilarating Pineapple Candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer said the candle smelled like a fresh pineapple and noted it was very authentic. She could pick up strong scents of pineapple juice. In terms of scent throw, the reviewer stated it was “very strong”. She did have some performance issues with the wick moving, but ended the video recommending the candle for purchase. 

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