Kringle Buttered Rum Toddy Candle


Kringle-Buttered-Rum-Toddy-Candle-1About Kringle Candle Company: Massachusetts based Kringle Candle Company began in 2009, by Michael Kittredge III, the son of the Yankee Candle Company founder.  The company takes pride in using high quality ingredients, including candle fragrances from some of the best perfumers in the industry. The wax color of the candles is all white, in order to match the décor of any location & to get brightest candle light possible.

Official Kringle Candle Scent Description: Gather at your hearth and home; enjoying friendship and sharing the warmth of hot buttery spiced liqueur. Contains notes of orange zest, nutmeg, vanilla, buttered rum, maple & cane sugar.

Online Reviews & Articles for the Kringle Buttered Rum Toddy Candle

  • YouTube User fragrancejournalist posted an online video review of the Kringle Buttered Rum Toddy Candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer began the video saying she could not pick up any scent from the candle, saying all she got was a “very light milky caramel scent”.  She called it a huge disappointment.   
  • YouTube User Hearth & Soul posted an online video review of the Kringle Buttered Rum Toddy Candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer said the scent appeal of the candle was about an “8”.  He compared the candle scent to that of Yankee Candle’s Buttered Rum, with a stronger rum smell. In terms of scent throw, the reviewer said it was a “6”. The reviewer did say that the scent was weak when he first lit the candle, but it picked up on later burns.  He ended the video calling the candle nice and said he enjoyed it. 

Available Sizes
Wax Melt : $3.00
4.5oz Mini Jar (Up to 50 Hour Burn Time): $14.95
8.5oz Small Jar (Up to 50 Hour Burn Time): $20.95
14.5oz Medium Jar (Up to 75 Hour Burn Time): $24.95
22oz Large Jar (Up to 100 Hour Burn Time): $27.95

The Kringle Buttered Rum Toddy Candle can be purchased at the Kringle Candle website at the following link.


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