Kringle Holiday Candle Reviews


Like many other candle manufacturers, Kringle Candle company has a great selection of holiday themed candles in their lineup of over 100 candle fragrances.  Below are some online reviews on 5 of these holiday selections.

Kringle Blue Spruce Candle

Kringle-Candles-Blue-Spruce-Scented-Candle-1Official Kringle Candle Scent Description: Like standing in a magnificent grove of towering evergreens in mid-winter. Blue Spruce yields heady, aromatic conifer notes in abundance. Contains notes of Pine, Fir, Spruce & Evergreen.

There are a ton of Christmas Tree scented candles on the market, but the Kringle Blue Spruce candle is head & shoulders above them all. “This was the most authentic pine smelling candle you will ever smell” said You-Tube reviewer Hearth & Soul in his review of this candle. He went on to call the scent “gorgeous” and recommended the candle for purchase. Fellow You-Tube reviewer CandleDancer also posted a positive review of the Blue Spruce candle that can be seen here.  She called the scent “beautiful”  and said it was reminiscent of shopping at a Christmas tree farm.

If you want to purchase the Blue Spruce candle, you can find it at the following link.


Kringle Wild Hollyberry Candle

Kringle-Candles-Wild-Hollyberry-Scented-Candle-1Official Kringle Candle Scent Description: Shiny evergreen holly boughs and their scarlet berries are traditionally gathered for holiday decoration. This fragrance captures an invigorating outdoor blend of pine and woody notes along with red berry fragrance.

Hearth & Soul also reviewed the Wild Hollyberry fragrance, another holiday scent from Kringle Candles.  While he complimented the scent throw from this candle, he did not care much for the scent, rating its appeal as a “3 or 4”.  He failed to get any of the pine notes that were in the scent description. 

The Kringle Wild Hollyberry Candle can be purchased at the Kringle Candle website at the following link.


Kringle Snow Capped Fraser Candle

Kringle-Candle-Snow-Capped-Fraser-Jar-Candle-2Official Kringle Candle Scent Description: Crisp, bright and fresh airy notes accent the authentic botanical fir tree base. Hints of warm amber and moss further enrich the senses.

The Snow-Capped Fraser candle could be seen by some as a Christmas tree scented candle, but is more of a fresh, clean pine scent with slight notes of musk.   YouTube User Hearth & Soul posted a neutral review of the candle (watch video) calling the scent nice, but saying it wasn’t his favorite.  He did compliment the scent throw, rating it a “7 or 8”.   If you want to try the Snow Capped Fraser Candle, you can find it on the Kringle Candle website at the following link.




Kringle Holiday Cookies Candle

Kringle-Candle-Holiday-Cookies-Scented-Candle-2Official Kringle Candle Scent Description: Share this festive recipe of rolled sugar cutouts baked with buttery sweetness and frosted with creamy goodness. 

Kringle’s Holiday Cookies candle is marketed as a sugar cookie scented candle which are popular around the holiday season. However, this candle doesn’t have the best reputation among the online candle community.  Youtube user MrKongsMom said in her review that she would not repurchase this candle due to its light scent and weak throw. also posted a negative review calling the fragrance a “very plain vanilla and sugar scent”.  

The Kringle Holiday Cookies Candle can be purchased at the Kringle Candle website at the following link.


Kringle First Snow Candle

Kringle-Candles-First-Snow-Scented-Candle-1Official Kringle Candle Scent Description: Re-kindle your childlike wonder at this powdery fresh, clean signal of another season. Contains notes of fir, cinnamon, citrus, pine & balsam.

First Snow isn’t your traditional holiday candle, combining notes of citrus & cinnamon with the earthy pine scents.  YouTube User Inenell posted a positive  review of the Kringle First Snow Candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer liked the scent of the First Snow Candle, saying that he really enjoyed the citrus note and calling the scent throw a “medium to medium-strong”.  

The Kringle First Snow Candle can be purchased at the Kringle Candle website at the following link.



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