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Mass Live’s Nick O’Malley recently paid a visit to the Yankee Candle Store in South Deerfield, MA any did a cold sniff review of every candle in the store.  Below are his ratings of each of the Yankee Candle scents (listed alphabetically). To review the full story, visit the following link.


“A” Scents

Angel’s Wings: 9/10 – I don’t know what they did to get this scent, but it’s lovely. It’s like a gorgeous cross between Fluffy Towels and a sweet Christmas dessert candle.
The reviewer named this candle their “Best Christmas Candle”

Apple Pumpkin: 7.5/10 – Apple and pumpkins don’t really hang out much. In this candle, they manage to have a good time without breaking anything.

Apple Spice: 7/10 – There are dozens of fall spice flavors out there. This will be mixed up with all of them. It’s OK.

Autumn In The Park: 5/10 – Somehow, this is one of the worst fall-smelling candles. It’s like the park is overrun with yuppies trying to take pictures with their iPads.


“B” Scents

Bahama Breeze: 7/10 – Picture the last vaguely tropical drink you had. This is that drink in candle form.

Balsam & Cedar: 6.5/10 – This was probably the most heavily promoted candle in the store when we went. It gets completely lost in the crowd of piney candles scattered throughout the store.

Bay Leaf Wreath: 6/10 – This was a nice and subtle scent when compared to the more crazy, in-your-face pine tree bombs elsewhere in the store.

Beach Wood: 4/10 – I have no idea what this candle was supposed to be. Is it drift wood? A wooden lawn chair? It sounds like a good idea, but makes no sense when you actually think about it.

Berry Trifle 7/10 – A nice-smelling but ultimately forgettable candle.

Berrylicious: 6/10 – This candle is not kidding around with the amount of berry it is dealing with. Please respect the intensity of the berry vapors.

Black Cherry: 7.5/10 – More candles have to have cherries in them. Cherries are amazing.

Blue Summer Sky: 4/10 – Meh. One of many generic sort-of-deodorant-smelling candles available.

Blueberry: 7/10 – Oh yeah. It’s raw blueberry scent, crashing straight up your nose like an invisible cross between the Kool-Aid Man and Violet, the girl who blew up like a giant berry in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” It’s heavy, but not overly so.

Brandy Pear Tart: 7.5/10 – This has a nice caramel-y, buttery scent with a little extra buzz behind the sweetness. It’s a slight step up from most Christmas dessert candles.

Bundle Up: 7/10 – This smells like a good deodorant. I don’t know if that’s compliment.

Butter Cream: 7.5/10 – Not my first choice for a scent, but it works. It’s kind of a milky, buttery sweet-smelling candle. It’s hard to pin down, but fun.


“C” Scents

Candy Cane Lane: 7/10 – Surprisingly, this isn’t a pure peppermint smell. It’s a well-rounded, all encompassing scent for Christmas-y occasions.

Caramel Pecan Pie: 6/10 – This smells like most sweet autumn/winter dessert candles — just weaker.

Celebrate: 6/10 – So, I guess this is some sort of birthday cake candle. I didn’t really pick that up in the scent. It’s like birthday cake Oreos: the candle. That’s not a very big compliment.

Christmas at the Beach 8.5/10 – This is a crazy fusion of the Sex on the Beach drink and the vague sweetness of a Christmas candle. It’s hard to describe, but familiar and enjoyable at the same time.

Christmas Cookies: 9/10 – Cookie candles are the best Christmas-themed candles. They’ve got a warm, buttery scent to go along with that nice cookie scent. It’s sweet, but in a productive way.

Christmas Eve: 8/10 – I ended up smelling this candle a couple of times by accident. It really grew on me as it went. It’s unassuming, but really sweet, Christmas-y and pleasant at the same time.

Christmas Wreath: 8/10 – This is the best Christmas tree candle.

Chocolate Layer Cake: 9.5/10 – This is one of those candles that make you stop and say “Oh my God.” This candle smells like something that came out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I felt a little a little extra full after smelling this.

Cider Donut: 4/10 – This may have been the most disappointing candle. I went in expecting doughnuts and apple cider. I walked away with fireball candies and harvest spice. This candle isn’t just mediocre. It’s misleading.
The reviewer named this candle their “Most Disappointing”

Cinnamon Vanilla: 5/10 – There’s a reason you usually don’t see these together. They don’t mix.

Coconut and Vanilla Bean: 6/10 – Coconut and vanilla are good scents. Here, the whole does not equal the sum of its parts

Cotton Candy: 8/10 – I have the palate of a 4-year-old, so I was all about the sweet smell here. It might be too much for some folks.

Yankee-Cranberry-Chutney-Large-JarCranberry Chutney: 9.5 – I hate how much I love this candle. Cranberries are the world’s worst fruit, but even so, it’s developed in such a gorgeous way in this candle. It’s not the tartness of the cranberry that does it. It’s the soft, glowing sweet-smelling aroma that’s strong enough to enjoy, but pleasant enough not to overpower.
The reviewer named this candle their “Biggest Surprise”

Cranberry Pear: 7/10 – I’m not particularly a fan of either pears of cranberries, but this candle is OK in my book.

Crisp Morning Air: 4.5/10 – You every get up before dawn and step outside, surprisingly awake and ready to take on the challenges of the day? This candle smells nothing like that.


“D-F” Scents

Drift Away: 4/10 – I wanted to drift away from this candle.

Eucalyptus: 4.5/10 – After napalming my nasal passage for who-knows-how-long, this is the one candle that just did nothing for me. It was a smell ghost.

Fluffy Towels: 8/10 – Oh yeah. This is the good stuff: The nice, refreshing linen scent. This is the best of the fresh laundry scents.

Fruit Fusion: 6/10 – I’m not really sure what this candle was really going for. It’s OK, but doesn’t really have a strong appeal in any particular direction.

French Vanilla: 8/10 – If you’re going for a vanilla candle, get this one.


“G-I” Scents

Gingerbread Maple: 6.5/10

Yankee-22oz-Golden-Sands-CandleGolden Sands: 7.5/10 – Probably the best of the beach-themed candles. It doesn’t try to do anything fancy. It’s just got a nice breezy scent.

Harvest: 5/10 – Even with the scent being as vague as possible, they decided to just make a really strong harvest spice candle. it’s not great.

Hazelnut Coffee: 7.5/10 – My mom would love this candle. The mocha/chocolate-ish/coffee smell is on point.

Holiday Bayberry: 4/10 – This is a bad Christmas tree candle.

Holiday Sage: 8/10 – Amid the blizzard of countless sweet dessert and holiday spice candles, this is a nice changeup. It’s got a nice savory, herb scent to it without becoming just another Christmas tree aroma.

Home for the Holidays: 3.5/10 – This is the worst Christmas tree candle.

Honeydew Melon: 6/10 – Melon candles are usually great. This one’s just OK. It doesn’t have quite the same punch.

In a Winter Wonderland: 6.5/10 – This is among the better tree-scented candles.



“J-L” Scents

Juicy Watermelon: 9/10 – I came dangerously close to eating this candle.

Key Lime: 8/10 – It’s lime. It’s pie. It’s great.

Lake Sunset: 7/10 – I’ve smelled a lot a lakes in my day. None of them smelled as nice as this.

Lavender: 6/10 – I have no strong feelings about this candle. It’s lavender.

Lavender Vanilla: 6.5/10 – Vanilla doesn’t add much to lavender.

Leather: 7/10 – It smells like a shoe store, but in a good way.

Lilac Blossoms: 7.5/10 – I have strong feelings about lilacs. There used to be a lilac shrub in front of my parents’ house when I was growing up. Lilacs are my mom’s favorite flower. I approve this candle.

Luau Party: 7/10 – More tropical-ish scents. Nothing super exciting.

Lush Berries: 5/10 – I don’t know why, but “lush” is a weird word to describe a scent. “Lush” is too strong, as is this candle.


“M” Scents

Macintosh: 8/10 – This candle is remarkable in its subtle and smellability. It’s not a strong scent, but you could smell it all day.

Yankee-22oz-Magical-Frosted-Forrest-Jar-Candle-1Magical Frosted Forest: 5/10 – You ever been in a snowy forest? It doesn’t smell like pine trees. I have no idea what this candle was going for. It’s like a confused Christmas wreath.

Mango Peach Salsa: 8/10 – You know, without the heat in the taste salsa has a completely different vibe to it. It’s not spicy, but there’s definitely a cool little wrinkle in this scent to go with the fruit.

Margarita Time 7.5/10 – All the fun of a drink at a fajita joint without the tequila.

Meadow Showers: 7/10 – This smells just like Irish Spring body wash — which is a good thing.

Merry Christmas: 5.5/10 – Need a bland unassuming candle that’s an easy gift that won’t stand out? Here you do.

Meyer Lemon: 7/10 – Lemon’s probably not the sexiest of scents to put in a candle. Regardless, this one does a pretty good job making metaphorical lemonade when life gives it lemons.

Midsummer’s Night: 5.5/10 – This is the ultimate deodorant. Not the best. Just, the most representative of what you’d think that smells like.
The reviewer called this candle the “Candle That Most Smells Like Deodorant”

Mistletoe: 7/10 – This is a very good, soft Christmas tree candle.

Mountain Lodge: 8/10 – The reviewer named this candle as their “Best “Man Candle” Scent”


“N-O” Scents

New England Maple: 7/10 – Kind of a muted maple scent, and falls more into harvest spice territory than I’d like.

North Pole: 8.5/10 – I’m normally not into peppermint, but this has a nice sweet warm scent, with maybe a little bit of vanilla. This is the king of peppermint candles.

Ocean Star: 5/10 – Another one that smells like deodorant.

Orange Dreamsicle: 8.5/10 – It’s not super strong, but once you finally catch it, this candle’s scent is addicting and bingeable. Can you binge smell? I’m sure as heck going to try.

Orange Splash: 4/10 – I don’t like this candle. It’s citrus-y, but in an annoying way.


“P” Scents

Peach Cobbler: 7/10 – This is the most unassuming fall/winter holiday candle in the store. It’s nice, but in no way will have people leaning for or against it. It’s background smell.

Peaches and Berries: 7/10 – It’s a lot of berry scent, with a little bit of peach in there to soften the whole thing out — good mix.

Peppermint Bark: 7/10 – This candle just smells like peppermint. The bark aspect changes nothing.

Picnic in the Park: 7/10 – I like what this candle does. It’s vague, but in a good way. It’s got an outdoors-y, subtle scent that doesn’t try to do anything crazy.

Pineapple Cilantro: 6.5/10 – This smells like a lot of the margarita candles, but not quite as sweet.

Pink Sands: 7/10 – There might’ve been a little sweet scent mixed in here? It’s hard to tell, the beach candles really blend together after a while.

Poinsettia: 6.5/10 – Well, it smells like flowers. Other than that, I have no strong feelings about this candle.

Pumpkin Butter Cream – 6.5/10 – I’m so confused by the scent. It’s OK, but exists in a fantasy realm of slightly unrealistic desserts.

Pumpkin Ginger Bark: 5/10 – Gingerbread needs to stop sneaking into candles. It’s like raisins in cookies.

Pumpkin Pie: 7/10 – Not the best pumpkin candle.


“R” Scents

Red Apple Wreath: 6/10 – This candle doesn’t know if it wants to be a sweet apple candle or a piney Christmas tree candle. It is neither and is a disappointing combination of the two.

Red Raspberry 8/10 – I like this candle. It’s straightforward, but not boring. It’s a strong red, juicy scent.


“S” Scents

Sage & Citrus: 3/10 – Sounds like a combination with chicken. The candle wasn’t doing it for me.

Saltwater Taffy: 6/10 – One of the more disappointing candles available. Taffy itself smells pretty awesome. This one smells kind of odd.

Yankee-22oz-Salted-Caramel-Scented-Candle-2Salted Caramel: 8/10 – You like caramel? You’ll love this candle.

Sea Coral: 4/10 – Kind of a sunscreen smell, overall beach theme. But kind of weak.


Silver Birch: 6/10 – Smells like a confused tree.

Snow Is Glistening: 6/10 – A decent generic winter candle.

Snowflake Cookies: 7/10 – Let’s be honest, Yankee Candle. You just wanted another winter cookie candle and ran out of adjectives. To be fair, this one’s pretty good.

Sparkling Balsam: 7/10 – This is a second-tier Christmas tree candle.

Sparkling Cinnamon: 4/10 – It’s like sticking your nose into a pack of Big Red. I don’t like Big Red.

Sparkling Snow: 7.5/10 – Does it smell like snow? Not really, but we’ll have to live with that. This is a solid generic winter candle

Spiced Pumpkin 8/10 – This is the best pumpkin candle. If I could tell people one thing from these rankings, it’s that this candle is superior to Pumpkin Pie.

Storm Watch: 7.5/10 – A nice-smelling candle destined for non-offensive gift baskets everywhere.

Strawberry Butter Cream: 7/10 – This one has a lot of different components flying around. They’re all kind of good, but the end product is a little muddled.

Sugar and Spice: 8/10 – Even without the addition of “Everything nice,” succeeds in being one of the best sweet-scented candles.

Sugared Apple: 8/10 – This is a chill candle. The people just want apples and sugar. That’s what it gives them — none of this spice crap getting in the way.

Summer Scoop: 8.5/10 – Great scent, great name. I’m not sure what flavor ice cream this is going for, but I want nine scoops.

Sun and Sand: 5/10 – There are so many candles out there that try to capture the beach vibe Few fall short to the extent that this one does.

Sweet Strawberry: 6/10 – A very strong strawberry scent without the sweetness. You might not like what you get without it.


“T-Z” Scents

True Rose: 7/10 – Well, this smells like a rose. Truly. I don’t know what I was expecting.

Turquoise Sky: 5/10 – Among the many sky-related candles, this is stands out in no way.

Vanilla Bourbon: 7/10 – Most people don’t like the scent of bourbon. Most people like the scent of vanilla. Some people will really like this candle.

Vanilla Chai: 6/10 – More Chai than vanilla. Then again, without a cup of milk bogging it down, chai tends to overpower everything in its wake.

Vanilla Cupcake: 7.5/10 – Honestly, I was expecting more from this candle. It’s got cake. It’s got vanilla. This candle should’ve blown my socks off.

Yankee-Vanilla-Lime-CandleVanilla Lime: 8/10 – It’s not exactly what I’d call a natural combination, but maybe it should be. It’s a pleasant lime scent with a little vanilla undertone.

Vineyard: 8/10 – Has this really nice, rich grape smell. Not is harsh as wine, but a little deeper than juice.

White Zinfandel: 2.5/10 – This smells like someone shoved your face into your angry mother-in-law’s red wine: spiteful with a tinge of funk.
The reviewer named this candle the “Worst Candle”

Wild Sea Grass: 4/10 – Is this something that people think smells good in real life?

Windblown: 8/10 – Among the light-smelling “fresh” candles, this one is the best. If you want something real light and not invasive, this is a good choice


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