New 2016 Fall Scents from Goose Creek Candles


Kentucky based Goose Creek Candle Company has released some new fall fragrances for 2016. Below are scent descriptions and online reviews of some of them.

goose-creek-pumpkin-cinnamon-ice-cream-scented-candle-1Goose Creek Pumpkin Cinnamon Ice Cream Candle

Scent Description: Bundle up for a delicious scoop of pumpkin cinnamon ice cream! Enjoy this spicy blend of baked pumpkin, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg layered with raw sugar, vanilla bean, and bourbon.

Online Reviews: didn’t care for the scent, describing it as “spicy cinnamon with no detectable pumpkin”. YouTube reviewer Candledancer had a more favorable view of this candle calling it an excellent “fall blender” candle for those like pumpkin, cinnamon & vanilla scents.


goose-creek-caramel-butter-scented-candle-1Goose Creek Caramel Butter Candle
Scent Description: The decadent aroma of sweet caramel butter brought to a light simmer. Enjoy a rich blend of sweet caramel cream, praline, vanilla bean & cinnamon sugar.

Online Reviews: called Caramel Butter an intense candle with “very sweet & heavy” caramel notes.  The website rated the scent throw a “9” out of 10.  YouTube reviewer CandleDancer said the scent wasn’t for her, but recommended it for those who like sweet scents.


goose-creek-sweet-banana-bread-scented-candle-1Goose Creek Sweet Banana Bread Candle
Scent Description: This scrumptious homemade treat folds bananas, sugared pralines and buttered pecans into a sweet mix of whipped honey, caramel swirl, cinnamon and brown sugar. Vanilla creme adds the perfect finishing touch.

Online Reviews: said Sweet Banana Bread was a “well balanced” scent that is a nice blend of banana, brown sugar & pecans.  YouTube reviewer CandleDancer loved the scent and called it a must for those who like banana & bakery scents.



goose-creek-sugared-cinnamon-donut-scented-candle-1Goose Creek Sugared Cinnamon Donut Candle
Scent Description: A mouthwatering mix of cinnamon sugar, vanilla bean, and raw sugarcane poured over a warm homemade donut for an ultimate, fresh baked scent.

Online Reviews: YouTube reviewer CozyCandlelight said she loved the candle, describing it as more of a cinnamon cookie than a donut scent.  Fellow Youtuber Innell liked this candle more than the Bath & Body Works version and stated he loved the sugary cinnamon notes. said the scent was more of a “cinnamon cake” than that of a donut.


goose-creek-under-the-oaks-scented-candle-1Goose Creek Under the Oaks Candle
Scent Description: Warm and rustic woods blend beautifully with fresh bergamot, neroli, and oakmoss. A fresh breeze brings warming notes of mahogany, jasmine, and sandalwood.




goose-creek-wildest-dreams-candle-1Goose Creek Wildest Dreams
Scent Description: A fruity mix of bergamot, pear, orange and cassis wraps around a floral bouquet of jasmine, muguet and apple blossom while a sensual base of musk, sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla, amber and tonka leaves a lasting impression.





goose-creek-autumn-walk-scented-candle-1Goose Creek Autumn Walk
Scent Description: Fragrance description: Capture the allure of Fall with fresh crisp apple, light notes of clove and delicate florals blended with sandalwood and clean musk.






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