Reviews of 6 New Kringle Candle Scents


1. Kringle Spa Day Candle

Official Scent Description: Let’s have a Spa Day and be cooler than a cucumber adding a mix of mint and apple to set the mood. Contains notes of cucumber, apple & mint.


Their are two very different reviews of the Kringle Spa Day candle currently online, but both reviewers liked the product. reviewed a Kringle Spa Day wax melt and praised it’s balance of mint & cucumber. The reviewer rated the throw as a “7”.  Meanwhile, YouTuber Hearth & Soul also reviewed Spa Day and called it a “beautiful, springtime fresh” candle with strong notes of apple, melon & floral. He also rated the scent throw a “7”. 





2. Kringle Apple Cider Donut Candle

Official Scent Description: Our Apple Cider Donut is infused with spice-sweet cider notes and a lavish dusting of sweet cinnamon. 
The Kringle Apple Cider Donut disappointed a pair of online reviewers who liked the scent, but got very little throw from this candle.  YouTuber CandleCafe said this was “the best apple cider donut scent available” on cold sniff.  But he rated the throw a “4 at best” in his video review.  Fellow Youtube reviewer AllthingsDelicious posted a similar video saying she thought the scent was “beautiful”, but couldn’t smell it once lit.





3. Kringle Blueberry Muffin Candle

Official Scent Description: Baked blueberries yield a luscious, fruity scent totally different than the fresh fruit. It’s matched perfectly with a warm cake note.

kringle-blueberry-muffin-scented-candle-1The Kringle Blueberry Muffin Candle has earned high praise since its release earlier this year. YouTube reviewer Hearth & Soul nominated the Kringle Blueberry Muffin candle as a 2016 scent of the year candidate in his review.  Fellow you tuber Candlecafe also spoke highly of the scent in his video review.  Both raved about the scent, saying it wasn’t an authentic blueberry muffin fragrance, but wonderful regardless.  Each rated the scent throw as very strong. 




4. Kringle Dewdrops Candle

Official Scent Description: A full fragrance, Dew Drops boasts of watery green coolness and a minty vibe that is lush and fresh.

kringle-dewdrops-candle-scent-1Kringle’s Dewdrops scent received a pair of positive reviews. called the candle “a lovely scent, perfect for spring and summer” and rated the scent throw a “7”.  The YankeeCandleSister’s blog also complimented the candle calling it “A fresh, watery, floral and green scent” and giving the scent throw an “A-” rating.  This looks like a great choice for late spring & early summer. 






5. Kringle Espresso Crema Candle

Official Scent Description: Warming coffee bean, rich caramel, brown sugar and creamy vanilla swirl together in a perfect cup of fragrance. Contains notes of milk, brown sugar, coffee bean & honey

kringle-espresso-crema-scented-candle-1YouTube user CandleCafe loved the sweet coffee scent that he got on cold sniff, but noted he lost some of the sweetness once lit.  He liked the scent, but warned it was for coffee lovers only. He rated the scent strength from this candle at a “8” calling it really strong.  Yankee Candle Sisters reviewed a wax melt of Espresso Crema and while they enjoyed the scent, they had serious issues with the throw.




6. Kringle Strawberry Lemonade Candle

Official Scent Description: Here’s a fun twist on summer’s most enduring drink – we’ve married sweet lemonade and added the happy lushness of ripe strawberries. Cheerful and delectable!


Kringle’s Strawberry Lemonade was a spring 2016 release and early reviews have been mixed.  Both reviews said the scent was stronger on the lemonade notes with strawberry undertones.    Youtuber Hearth & Soul recommended the candle calling it “perfect for spring time”.  He rated the scent appeal an “8” and gave the throw a “7”.  Meanwhile, the Yankee Candle Sisters blog gave the scent a “B” rating, describing it as a summertime lemonade. However, the reviewers got very little throw from the candle. 



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