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About Root Candle Company:
The Root Candle Company has been producing high quality candles from their facility in Medina, Ohio for over 140 years. The company’s use of high quality waxes, wicks & fragrances help support their claim as “The Best Candle in America”. Root Candles makes approximately 20 million candles per year, selling their products in high-end supermarkets, specialty stores, their online website & their showroom store attached to the Root Candles factory. Their popular “Queen Bee” Jar Candle line are made with all-natural beeswax and have long burn times.

Root Candle Sizes & Burn Times:
The Root Candle Company produces candles in a number of sizes.

º Travel Tin (Up to 30 Hour Burn Time): $9.95
º Votives (Up to 20 Hour Burn Time): $2.75
º 10.5oz Large Veriglass Candle (Up to 70 Hour Burn Time): $19.95
º 14oz Queen Bee Midsize Jar (Up to 80 Hour Burn Time): $24.95
º 22oz. Queen Bee Large Jar (Up to 130 Hour Burn Time): $27.99



Root Tiramisu Candle

Official Root Candles Scent Description:
Coffee and buttery top with bakery notes of lady fingers mixed with rich, dark rum. Nutty honey notes feature the dry down to creamy vanilla sugar with slight cocoa powder dusting. Creamy and decadent.  You can purchase the Tiramisu Candle at the following link




Root Lavender Vanilla Candle

Official Root Candles Scent Description:
Glistening lavender bursts with sparkling mandarin and clementines, blended with precious hyacinth, sweet pea, classic Jasmine petals & white peony.  You can purchase the Lavender Vanilla Candle at the following link



Root-Candle-Chocolateness-Scented-Candle-1Root Chocolateness Candle

Official Root Candles Scent Description:
A sweet mixture of brown sugar, butter and dark Dutch Cocoa. You can purchase the Chocolateness candle at the following link



Root-Cinnamon-Spice-Scented-Candle-1Root Cinnamon Spice Candle

Official Root Candles Scent Description:
Rich, warm baking cinnamon blends with clove, sugar cane, caramel and vanilla for a sweet cinnamon celebration.  You can purchase the Cinnamon Spice at the following link

Root-Candle-French-Vanilla-Scented-Candle-2 Root French Vanilla Candle

Official Root Candles Scent Description:
Classic, traditional, comforting scent of sweet vanilla beans on a bakery background. The perfect amount of sweet.  The French Vanilla Candle can be purchased at the following link



Root-Candle-Crisp-Autumn-Jar-Candle-1Root Crisp Autumn Candle

Official Root Candles Scent Description:
Sage, apple and pecan mix with crisp notes of oak and maple. Think a cool breeze blowing through brilliantly colorful leaves of fall.  The Crisp Autumn candle can be purchased at the following link.



Root-Candle-Coriander-Musk-Scented-Candle-1Root Coriander Musk Candle

Official Root Candles Scent Description:
Citrus top notes of fresh lemon, lime, zesty orange & juicy grapefruit with slight melon & eucalyptus followed by ozonic middle with lavender & jasmine floral notes with dry down of exotic musk, oakmoss & amber vanilla.  You can purchase the Coriander Musk Candle at the following link




Root Bayberry Candle

Official Root Candles Scent Description:
Bayberries accented with hints of fir balsam, vanilla, and natural patchouli oil. The Bayberry Candle can be purchased at the following link.





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