Holiday Themed Candles from Root Candle


About Root Candle Company:
The Root Candle Company has been producing high quality candles from their facility in Medina, Ohio for over 140 years. The company’s use of high quality waxes, wicks & fragrances help support their claim as “The Best Candle in America”. Root Candles makes approximately 20 million candles per year, selling their products in high-end supermarkets, specialty stores, their online website & their showroom store attached to the Root Candles factory. Their popular “Queen Bee” Jar Candle line are made with all-natural beeswax and have burn times up to 130 hours.

Root Candle Sizes & Burn Times
º Travel Tin (Up to 30 Hour Burn Time): $9.95
º Votives (Up to 20 Hour Burn Time): $2.75
º 10.5oz Large Veriglass Candle (Up to 70 Hour Burn Time): $19.95
º 14oz Queen Bee Midsize Jar (Up to 80 Hour Burn Time): $24.95
º 22oz. Queen Bee Large Jar (Up to 130 Hour Burn Time): $27.99

Root Candle Holiday Themed Candles



Root HollyBerry Candle
A balancing blend of pomegranate and goji berry, with Chinese star anise and sheer musk, with tangelo and Italian Mandarin.


Root-Christmas-Wreath-Scented-Candle-1Root Christmas Wreath Candle

Traditional pine with a twist. Experience Sicilian orange, Lisbon lemon, and pink raspberry with cool camphor and fresh eucalyptus. Add the scents of Juniper, fir balsam, and Norwegian spruce. Your door never looked so festive!


Root-Candle-Christmas-Cookies-Jar-Candle-1Root Christmas Cookie Candle

Decorating Christmas cookies in Grandma’s kitchen. Sugar, vanilla and gingerbread blended together… warm and mouth watering.



Root-Candle-Candy-Cane-Scented-Candle-1Root Candy Cane Candle
A blend of orange, peppermint, spearmint, coconut, strawberry, spice, caramel and vanilla.



Root-Candle-Chestnuts-Roasting-Scented-Candle-1Root Chestnuts Roasting Candle

Chestnuts are roasting on every corner as I peek in holiday windows. On 5th Avenue in New York, the holidays are fragranced by vendors roasting chestnuts on every corner. 



Root-Candle-Winter-Balsam-Scented-Candle-1Root Winter Balsam Candle
Luscious, earthy combination of Canadian fir needle and green citrus.




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