Top Candles for Fall 2016



scentsationals-cider-house-donuts-1Cider House Donut – Scentsationals
If you see these wax melts at your local Wal-Mart, don’t hesitate to pick up a few. This wax melt smells exactly like apple cider donuts and the internet community is going crazy for this scent. In his online review, YouTuber Hearth & Soul nominated this scent as 2016 Best Fragrance.



Diptyque-Feu-De-Bois-Lit-CandleFeu de Bois – Diptyque
If you have a few extra dollars to spend (this candle retails for $62), you might consider the Feu de Bois from famed candle company Diptyque. Recently, popular men’s website named this candle to its “11 Best Scented Candles to Burn This Fall & Winter“. It has also made numerous other top candle lists in the past couple of years.  It can best be described as a sophisticated campfire scent, perfect for a chilly autumn evening.


goose-creek-sweet-banana-bread-scented-candle-1Sweet Banana Bread – Goose Creek
This 2016 fall release from Goose Creek carries a warm, sweet bakery note combined with bananas & nuts. Online candle blog & YouTube reviewer CandleDancer both loved the new scent (read their reviews here).




Bath-Body-Works-Sweater-Weather-Scented-Candle-2Sweater Weather – Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works releases many scents during the fall season, but the tried & true scent in their autumn collection is Sweater Weather.  It’s a fresh, crisp scent with notes of eucalyptus, juniper berry & sage. It’s also one of the strongest candles on the market in terms of scent strength & throw.



illume-pumpkin-peppercorn-scented-candle-1Pumpkin Peppercorn Illume
Equal parts spicy & earthy, the Pumpkin Peppercorn candle from Illume blends notes of pumpkin, sweet peppercorn, cinnamon bark and citrus peel. The candle itself is almost to attractive to burn. Retail price for this candle ranges from $14 to $34.



paddywax-tobacco-patchouli-scented-candle-1Tobacco & Patchouli – Paddywax
Paddywax is a favorite candle brand among both critics & the internet community alike. Their candles are upscale without the price tag of the more expensive counterparts like Jo Malone or Voluspa.  The Tobacco & Patchouli candle is very earthy, a far cry from the pumpkin, apple & bakery notes common with other fall candles. But it will fill your home with a warm & cozy feeling all season long.

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