Village Candle Brownie Delight Candle Review


About Village Candles:
Village Candles was founded in the 1990s by Paul Aldrich. Since then, this Maine(USA) based candle company have been producing high quality candle using premium wax & the finest fragrance oils.

Official Village Candle Scent Description:
The delicious blend of Warm Caramel & Melted Butter are folded into mounds of White Marshmallow Fluff as sweet layers of Dark Chocolate Lava cascade upon the Sugary Brownie Batter. Contains notes of butter, brown sugar, dark chocolate and vanilla combine for a delectable and delicious treat.

The Village Candle Brownie Delight Candle can be purchased on the Village Candle website at the following link.

Village-Brownie-Delight-Jar-Candle Village-Candle-Brownie-Delight-Scented-CandleVillage-Candle-Brownie-Delight-Jar-Candle







Village-Brownie-Delight-Candle-Review-2 Village-Brownie-Delight-Candle-Review-1






What Others are Saying about the Village Brownie Delight Candle

– YouTube Review: Az4Angela – watch video

Thumbs UpPopular YouTube candle reviewer Az4angela posted a positive review on the Village Candle Brownie Delight Candle.  The reviewer was impressed with the scent, saying the brownie notes came through well. She did mention that she did not get any marshmallow or caramel scent, but the chocolate notes were “delicious”. The reviewer called the performance of the candle as a “B”, noting she had small flames after some wick issues. She did give an endorsement of the candle.


– BestofCandles.comread review

thumbs had a bad experience with this candle, describing it as “really old, spoiled caramel mixed with old, nasty chocolate.”



– – read review

Thumbs Up“once I lit the candle, the aroma of all that ooey-gooey goodness filled the air! While burning, my home smelled like I had a fresh batch of brownies baking in the oven! Even the hubs came home and wanted to know “where are the brownies?”


Village Brownie Delight Candle Sizes
º Votives (Up to 18 Hour Burn Time): $1.90
º 11oz Jar (Up to 55 Hour Burn Time): $12.50
º 16oz Medium Jar (Up to 100 Hour Burn Time): $16.50
º 26oz Large Jar (Up to 170 Hour Burn Time): $19.50


Village-Brownie-Delight-Candle-Scent Village-Candle-Brownie-Scented-Candle










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