Village Caramelized Pear Candle Reviews

Village Candle Scent Description: Perfectly blended, succulent, delectable juicy pear, sweet caramel and brown sugar.

Village Caramelized Pear Candle Photos

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Online Reviews & Articles for the Village Candle Caramelized Pear Candle did an in-depth review of the Village Candle Caramelized Pear which can be seen here.  The reviewer rated the candle as a “5.8”, complimenting the scent, but saying the scent throw was a problem. posted an online review of 8 Village Candle wax melts including the Caramelized Pear.

Youtube-logoYouTube user OrangeCoconutCream posted an online video review on the Village Candle Caramelized Pear small jar candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer noted that the candle was an “extremely strong throwing fragrance”. The cold sniff was “complex & strong” according to the reviewer, saying she picked up the pear, the caramel & brown sugar.  She went on to recommend this candle.



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