Village Candle Cherry Blossom Candle


Village Candle Scent Description:  Softly delicate, yet bold. Femininely floral, yet fruity. This enticing fragrance is a fabulous tribute to the amazing and showy Cherry Blossom in full bloom. Has notes of Sweet Powder, Fresh-picked Cherries & Cherry Blossom petals.

Village Cherry Blossom Candle Photos

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Online Reviews & Articles for the Village Candle Cherry Blossom Candle posted an online review of the Village Cherry Blossom wax tart which can be found at the following link. The review described the fragrance as floral, with notes of soft cherry blossoms, a hint of cherry & a slight lemony note.

Youtube-logoYouTube user Az4angela posted a video review for the two-wick large Jar Village Candle Cherry Blossom Candle that can be seen here. The reviewer complimented the scent saying it was a “Gorgeous Cherry” fragrance. The scent reminded her of Cherry Blossom from Bath/Body Works. She noted that the throw was strong on cold sniff, but not as strong when lit, but noted it was adequate.  The reviewer also noted a clean burn and good performance from this candle.

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