Village Candle Creamy Vanilla Candle


About Village Candles:
Village Candles was founded in the 1990s by Paul Aldrich. Since then, this Maine(USA) based candle company have been producing high quality candle using premium wax & the finest fragrance oils.

Official Village Candle Scent Description:
Vanilla bean with notes of sweet butter

The Village Creamy Vanilla Candle can be purchased on the Village Candle website at the following link.

Village-Creamy-Vanilla-Candle-Scent Village-Candle-Creamy-Vanilla-Candle Village-Creamy-Vanilla-Jar-Candle





What Others are Saying about the Village Creamy Vanilla Candle

– YouTube Reviewer: Candle & Wax Review

Thumbs UpYouTube user  Candle & Wax Review posted an online video review on the Village Candle Creamy Vanilla Candle.  The reviewer said the candle had a “Rich, Deep & Yummy” smell, describing the heavy, creamy butter notes as similar to a vanilla ice cream. She went on to mention the candle would be great any time of year.  The reviewer ended by complimenting the performance of the candle, as she got a good wax pool and good burn.


Village Creamy Vanilla Candle Sizes
º Votives (Up to 18 Hour Burn Time): $1.90
º 11oz Jar (Up to 55 Hour Burn Time): $12.50
º 16oz Medium Jar (Up to 100 Hour Burn Time): $16.50
º 26oz Large Jar (Up to 170 Hour Burn Time): $19.50


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