Village Candle Orange Cinnamon Candle

Village Candle Scent Description: Refreshing orange and warm cinnamon create a calm and cozy atmosphere. With just the right amount of spice. Aromatic clove and mandarin notes are included to make this candle a treat for the senses.

Village Orange Cinnamon Candle Photos


Online Reviews & Articles for the Village Candle Orange Cinnamon Candle posted an online review of the Village Candle Orange Cinnamon Candle which can be found at the following link. The review called this candle a great choice for fall to balance out the apple & pumpkin scents common to the season. The reviewer also noted the scent throw of “8” for the medium jar.

Youtube-logoYouTube user Az4angela posted a video review for the Large 2-wick Village Candle Orange Cinnamon Candle that can be seen here. She called the candle a great choice for late summer/early fall. The reviewer said the two notes are very pleasant, describing the strong scent as a spicy orange.  She mentioned performance issues with the wick as the candle burned down (she noted never trim the Village Candle wicks).

“While the scent is nice and does flavor the air in my living room, the candle drowns in its own wax after about 15 minutes of burning and extinguishes.” – Review

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