Village Candle Pure Linen Candle


Village Candle Scent Description: The day after the big rainstorm dawns breezy and sunny, and you decide to hang the sheets out on the line to dry. Late in the afternoon, when you retrieve them, the smell is warm, fresh, and crisp. Contains notes of rose, jasmine and lavender with notes of Lily, wood accord, sandalwood and musk

Village Pure Linen Candle Photos

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Online Reviews & Articles for the Village Candle Pure Linen Candle reviewed the Village Candle Pure Linen Wax Melt which can be seen here. The review noted that the candle was pleasant, delivering “a high end detergent scent paired with a floral fabric softener smell”. The review went on to rate the scent throw as an “8”.

Youtube-logoYouTube user Candle & Wax Review posted a video review of the 2-wick, 26oz Village Candle Pure Linen Candle that can be seen here.  The reviewer stated it was one of the best candles in terms of scent throw.  She called the scent “clean & fresh” with a hint of floral.  She went on to say she would be buying the candle many more times. 

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