Village Candle Vanilla Caramel Swirl Candle


About Village Candles:
Village Candles was founded in the 1990s by Paul Aldrich. Since then, this Maine(USA) based candle company have been producing high quality candle using premium wax & the finest fragrance oils.

Official Village Candle Scent Description:
Our combination of Madagascar Vanilla for making crème brûlé is carefully swirled into a warm and delicious caramel, creating a sweet delectable treat for the senses. The perfect fragrance when a delicious indulgence is needed.

You can purchase the Vanilla Caramel Swirl candle at

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What Others are Saying about the Village Vanilla Caramel Swirl Candle

– YouTube Reviewer: Az4Angela – watch video

thumbs downYouTube user Az4angela posted an online video review of the 2-wick, 22oz Village Vanilla Caramel Swirl Candle.  The reviewer stated that cold sniff highlighted creamy caramel notes. She liked the scent once lit, but was very disappointed with the throw of the candle, saying she could only smell the scent near the jar. 



– Featured Customer Review:

“I ordered this and another scent at the same time and I have not been disappointed. The aroma drifts around the house and it’s a lovely sweet caramel smell. Extremely inviting, the smell lasts and the candle burns really evenly.” – Amazon UK


Village Vanilla Caramel Swirl Candle Sizes
º Votives (Up to 18 Hour Burn Time): $1.90
º 11oz Jar (Up to 55 Hour Burn Time): $12.50
º 16oz Medium Jar (Up to 100 Hour Burn Time): $16.50
º 26oz Large Jar (Up to 170 Hour Burn Time): $19.50




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