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Official Village Candle Scent Description:
Fresh, warm buttered bread right out of the oven. Ahhhh…finally we captured the scent of the warm buttered bread! This wonderful fragrance brings back those special moments & memories!

The Warm Buttered Bread Candle can be purchased on the Village Candle website at the following link.

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What Others are Saying about the Village Warm Buttered Bread Candle

– YouTube Reviewer: Lizz & Will Love Scents – watch video

Thumbs UpYouTube user Lizz & Will Love Scents posted a video review for the Large 2-wick Village Candle Warm Buttered Bread Candle. The reviewers started out the video by calling the candle “amazing”, saying it smelled “so good” and was “so strong”.  The reviewer complimented the throw, saying it was strong in their bedroom (medium room).  They commented that they got rich notes of butter & maple, saying it was a must for pancake lovers. 


Featured Customer Review

“First off, this is one of those scents that if you’re going by how the unlit candle smells when you open the lid, you will be misled. I really did not like that initial scent, and if I were in a store, I would have put it back on the shelf. My favorite scents just happen to be those related to baked goods. Sugar cookies, snicker-doodles, cinnamon roll, etc., so I did have hopes that once lit I would like this candle, too.

Well, it does smell like baked goods, but no one who wasn’t told the name was able to guess just what those baked goods might be. And when told it was warm buttered bread, they didn’t believe it. The scent is just too sweet to be bread and butter.

But it’s not bad. It does smell like baked goods, even if no one can quite put their finger on what’s baking, and that’s a good thing. It does smell better lit than it does unlit, too.” Review


Village Warm Buttered Bread Candle Sizes
º Votives (Up to 18 Hour Burn Time): $1.90
º 11oz Jar (Up to 55 Hour Burn Time): $12.50
º 16oz Medium Jar (Up to 100 Hour Burn Time): $16.50
º 26oz Large Jar (Up to 170 Hour Burn Time): $19.50

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