Warm Up Your Home with these Apple Scented Candles



1. Goose Creek Caramel Applewood Candle

Official Colonial Goose Creek Candle Scent Description: This charming scent opens with green apples and whipped butter leading to a sweet, velvety blend of cinnamon, white peach and maple sugar. Vanilla and cedarwood adds a comforting finish.


If you love the smell of fresh caramel apples, then you will really appreciate the  Goose Creek Caramel Applewood candle. This candle combines tart notes of green, granny smith apples with a rich, buttery caramel scent.  This candle received positive online reviews from both BestofCandles.com & Youtube user Az4Angela as both complimented the fragrance & the scent throw.. 

The Caramel Applewood candle can be purchased on the Goose Creek website with prices ranging from $4 to $25. 


2. Village Candle Mulled Cider

Official Village Candle Scent Description: Light this candle to welcome travelers in from the cold or set a comforting mood on fall and winter days.  Contains notes of red apple with notes of cinnamon, clove bud and vanilla.


The Mulled Cider candle from Village Candle company is a warm, inviting fragrance that smells like a cup of homemade apple cider.  The red apple notes are strong, but blend nicely with the cinnamon & clove. The Mulled Cider candle was recently named to CandleFind.com’s “12 Great Fall Scented Candles” list.  YouTube user lindsayylovee complimented the scent of the candle, but did comment that she had some performance issues. If you want to give this candle a try, you can purchase it on the Village Candle website at the following link


3. Yankee Candle Apple Pumpkin Candle

Official Scent Description: The slightly sweet, earthy notes from the pumpkin and clove, with a little bit of spiced apple added, bring the season home and offer a arms-open-welcome to family and friends.

Yankee-Apple-Pumpkin-Candle-Review-2Yankee has a great collection of fall candles, and one of their most popular is the Apple Pumpkin candle.  This candle combines apple & pumpkin notes with spicy hints of clove & cinnamon. This candle has received numerous accolades from online candle experts like BestofCandles.com, the Yankee Candle Sisters blog & Youtube reviewer Hearth & Soul.  For more details on this candle, visit our Yankee Candle Apple Pumpkin page.  The Yankee Candle website has 15 different products with the Apple Pumpkin fragrance, which you can see by visiting the following link.






4. Pure Integrity Macintosh Candle

Official Scent Description: Our Macintosh Apple fragrance is the luscious refreshing scent of crisp, ever so fresh Macintosh apples. It is seriously like biting into a crisp, flavorful Macintosh apple. Brilliantly fruity!


If you are looking for an apple scented candle that can be burned anytime of year, then the Pure Integrity Macintosh candle is just what you need. This candle has a fresh, fruity scent that doesn’t have the cinnamon or clove notes commonly seen in fall scented apple candles. CandleFind.com described the fragrance as “a bushel of crisp juicy, perfectly ripened Macintosh apples” and rated the scent throw as “Strong”. Pure Integrity sells this candle in a range of sizes from a soy melt ($3.99) to a 26oz jar candle ($27.99). 




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