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Official Yankee Scent Description: The scent of fresh peeled apple and the crispness of fallen leaves–it’s definitely fall. We’ve added in a dash of lemon zest and a hint of pumpkin to capture an afternoon on a gorgeous autumn walk.

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Our Review of the Yankee Autumn in the Park Wax Melt:
The Autumn in the Park wax melt from Yankee Candle had a wonderful cold sniff, with strong apple and citrus notes. My husband, whose sense of smell is keener than my own, could detect the scent within five minutes of my lighting the wax melt. It was another fifteen minutes or so before my not-so-sensitive nose picked up the candle’s throw. In an hour, the scent filled the large room. The scent when lit was similar to the cold sniff, but with a subtle earthy aroma added in (must be the “leaves” Yankee Candle mentions in their description). The citrus and earthy notes balanced out the apple scent, keeping it from becoming too sweet. The throw was strong, but the scent never became overpowering.

I burned the wax melt for about two hours the first evening, then relit it in the morning. The scent was gone from the morning’s cold sniff, but filled the room again in about twenty minutes, and lasted through the rest of the day. Though more faint, the scent was even present again the following day, fading gradually as the day wore on. For fun, I lit a third tea light the following day under the wax melt, but alas, the scent was gone. Yankee Candle advertises a smell-life of about eight hours, which was a slightly conservative estimate. I got a little over ten hours before the scent faded, and a few more still before it was completely gone. The wax melt’s performance overall was great, and the scent remained consistent and delightful. Next time, I will probably spring for a larger candle so I can enjoy this scent longer.
Final Rating: Two sniffs up

Online Reviews & Articles for the Yankee Candle Autumn In The Park Candle

Youtube-logoYoutube user The Candle Diaries posted a video review of a Autumn in the Park wax tart. The review noted that the candle combined Macintosh Apple scent with woodsy notes and some subtle spice notes. The reviewer stated the throw wasn’t great, commenting that is was barely a “4”.  She ended by saying the candle was a “dud” and would not repurchase. 

Youtube-logoYoutube user Lizz & Will Love Scents posted a video review of a Autumn in the Park 14oz medium jar candle. The reviewer noted that the candle was a “medium” throw in both a smaller room & larger room. They described the scent as a strong, sweet apple (apple pie) with a “woodsy” (cedar) note. The reviewer liked the scent saying it screamed “fall”.

Cold scent is musky with fallen dusty leaves. Melted, the scent starts out as dry leaves and musk. Scent quickly changed to an apple and musk scent reminding me of my Grandfather’s homemade wine. It’s a clean, very, very, light scent with a medium-light throw. Took about an hour before I could smell this 8 feet away, though I could smell it up to 3 feet away within 10 minutes. It never filled up my small livingroom. This does work better with a light breeze going through the room, as the scent gets stronger the closer you are to the melted tart. After about 2 hours the pumpkin scent became more pronounced. I never could smell any lemon zest in this scent. This scent did not bother my allergies.” – Amazon.com Review

YankeeCandle.com Rating:
3.9 out of 5 Stars
“When I first got this candle, I was so excited! The apple notes in it were perfect! However, as I have burned/continue to burn this candle, the throw has disappeared. I can only smell it if I am standing right next to the candle and I so wish it had a stronger throw so I could smell it throughout my downstairs as I can with many other YC candles. Overall it smells really good and would be perfect in a bathroom or very small room.”YankeeCandle.com Review


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