Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves Candle

Yankee-22oz-Yankee-Autumn-Leaves-Jar-CandleThis popular Yankee Candle features scents of birch and maple leaves, with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom

Online Reviews & Articles for the Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves Candle

AOL.com named the Yankee Autumn Leaves candle to its 2015 “10 Best Scented Candles for Fall” list. see the full list here

The Yankee Candle Sisters posted a review of the Yankee Autumn Leaves wax tart on their blog. The reviewer gave both the scent & the throw an “A” grade, describing the scent as a “fresh, cool, crisp scent of mid-October”. 

CandleScoop.com did an in-depth review of the Yankee Autumn Leaves wax tart that can be seen here. The reviewer gave the tart a 4.5 out of 5, giving it high marks for both scent & scent throw.

BestofCandles.com reviewed the Yankee Autumn Leaves on their blog. They described the scent as having a strong juniper berry note. They gave the scent throw an “8” rating.

Youtube-logoYouTube user LisaShares posted a video review of a 22oz Autumn Leaves jar candle which can be found here.  The reviewer loved the scent of the candle. She noted “sharp, crisp” notes (likely from the juniper berries) that she really enjoyed. She didn’t pick up the wood notes that were in the official description, but really liked the scent. She also notes a “medium-strong” throw from the candle.

4.3 out of 5 stars
“This is one of my favourites. The description on the YK website is very accurate, there’s not much too add. This scent is crisp,fresh and very autumn-ish, has a good balance between sweetness and sourness. A must-have,especially if you don’t like candles that smell like food and love autumn.”Amazon.com Review

Bed, Bath & Beyond:
“Based on all the rave reviews, I decided to give this fragrance a try. I think it’s my new favorite! It has a nice, even-toned spruce element, and a little bit of sweet (very little, but totally works). The wax warms quickly and evenly, casting a very nice aroma.”Bed, Bath & Beyond Review

Yankee-Autumn-Leaves-Pilar-Candle Yankee-22oz-Autumn-Leaves-Candle

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