Yankee Candle Orange Dreamsicle Candle


Official Yankee Candle Scent Description:
A favorite childhood summer treat you never outgrow . . . a cool blend of orange and vanilla ice cream.

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Yankee-22oz-Orange-Dreamsicle-Scented-Candle-3 Yankee-22oz-Orange-Dreamsicle-Scented-Candle-2 Yankee-22oz-Orange-Dreamsicle-Scented-Candle






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What Others are Saying about the Yankee Orange Dreamsicle Candle

– YouTube Reviewer: AZ4Angela – watch video

Thumbs UpYouTube reviewer Az4Angela posted a review of the Yankee Orange Dreamsicle 14.5 oz medium jar candle.  Az4Angela loved the fragrance, describing the scent as a “burst of orange juice” with a subdued creamy note.  She went on to say that the candle was very “juicy”.  In terms of scent throw, the reviewer rated it as a medium and said it would be better for smaller rooms.  She ended the video saying she loved the candle and would recommend it for repurchase.


– YouTube Reviewer:  LittleBalladeer – watch video

Thumbs UpLittleBalladeer posted a review of the Yankee Orange Dreamsicle 22oz two-wick tumbler candle. The reviewer began the video saying she loved the scent of the candle, describing it as smelling just like the popsicle with notes of orange & vanilla ice cream.  She also complimented the burn, calling it “flawless”.  In terms of the scent throw, the reviewer rated it as “strong”.  She ended the video by saying she would definitely repurchase the candle. 


The Sunday Girl BlogRead Review

Thumbs Up“I’m not typically a fan of orange scents, I find they can quickly turn synthetic or simply be too overpowering yet Yankee Orange Dreamsicle Candle manages to be bright and mellow at the same time. It is creamy yet not rich, refreshing yet not tart in the slightest. It is one of those few Summer scents you can burn all day long”The Sunday Girl


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Featured Amazon.com Customer Review

“In the jar this smells delicious. When lit it barely scents the room it is in. I burn Yankee Candles almost every day, and this is definitely one of the weakest scents I have ever had in any of their candles. It was disappointing.”Amazon.com review


Yankee Orange Dreamsicle Candle Sizes
º Wax Melt (Up to 8 Hour Burn Time): $1.99
º Votives (Up to 15 Hour Burn Time): $1.99
º 3.7oz Small Jar (25-40 Hour Burn Time): $10.99
º 14.5oz Medium Jar (65-90 Hour Burn Time): $24.99
º 22oz Large Jar (Up to 150 Hour Burn Time): $27.99













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