Yankee Candle Soft Blanket Candle Review

Official Yankee Candle Scent Description:
Wrapped in sweet dreams . . . a lullaby of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla and warm amber.

The Soft Blanket candle can be purchased on the Yankee Candle Website at the following link

Yankee-Soft-Blanket-4oz-Candle Yankee-Soft-Blanket-Votive-Candle Yankee-Soft-Blanket-Wax-Melt-Candle














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CandleFrenzy.com Review

Yankee Candle’s Soft Blanket line of fragrance is growing in popularity. I really like this particular scent because it is so clean smelling. My medium jar candle was perfect for the bedroom, as it freshened the room without overpowering it. Yankee Candle describes Soft Blanket as a clean-baby scent with notes of amber, citrus and vanilla. I get faint baby power notes with this candle, but the overall scent is very complex. Very nice. I would rate the throw as a 6 out of 10, adequate but not overpowering.


What Others are Saying about the Yankee Soft Blanket Candle

– YouTube Reviewer:  Bad Enabler – watch video

Thumbs UpYouTube user Bad Enabler posted a positive review of the 22oz large Soft Blanket jar candle.  The reviewer complimented the scent saying it was a “nice, clean, crisp scent” and also called it “Comforting”.  He described the scent as similar to a dryer or dryer sheets. He noted that the cold sniff seemed light, but it was much stronger when burning. 


– YouTube Reviewer: AquamarineDream80 – watch video

Thumbs UpYouTube user AquamarineDream80 posted a positive review of the Yankee Soft Blanket wax tart.  The reviewer loved the scent, calling it “Clean & Comforting”.  


– BestofCandles.comread review

thumbs downBestofcandles.com called the Soft Blanket candle “your staple warm, clean, laundry type scent”, but later stated it was not a repurchase due to a “blend of too many scents”.


– Waxluvswicks Blogread review

Thumbs Up“If you like fresh laundry scents then this one should already be in your collection….it reminds me of fresh laundry and that is where the clean citrus comes in to play.”


– Featured Amazon.com Customer Review

“A friend got this for me as part of her shower gift for my son. I light it in his room frequently. It’s a soft, cozy smell. Not so much baby powder, though it is light enough for a baby scent, but more like jasmine, vanilla, and amber. It’s a very comforting, relaxing smell and I love to light it before his bath, let it fill the room, and then rock him to sleep. I love it and will be buying more when this one is finished.” – Amazon.com review


– Featured MakeUpAlley.com Review

“One of my top three yankee scents, its fresh but has a slight comforting sweetness to it. Very subtle, could be used in pretty much an area of the house, wouldn’t be strong enough to cover strong kitchen or smoking odours though.” – MakeUpAlley.com Review


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Yankee Soft Blanket Candle Sizes
º Wax Melt (Up to 8 Hour Burn Time): $1.99
º Votives (Up to 15 Hour Burn Time): $1.99
º 3.7oz Small Jar (25-40 Hour Burn Time): $10.99
º 14.5oz Medium Jar (65-90 Hour Burn Time): $24.99
º 22oz Large Jar (Up to 150 Hour Burn Time): $27.99













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