Yankee Storm Watch Candle Review


Official Yankee Storm Watch Candle Scent Description:
Naturally refreshing … like the moist, cleansing ocean air before the storm. Contains notes of Ozone, Bergamot, Floral, Musk & Clover

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What Others are Saying about the Yankee Storm Watch Candle

– YouTube Reviewer: CandleDancer – watch video

Thumbs UpYouTube reviewer CandleDancer posted a positive review of the Yankee Storm Watch candle. The reviewer called the fragrance complex, but said that the notes blended well.  She liked the scent & complimented the ozone, floral & musk notes that she picked up from the candle.  In terms of scent throw, the reviewer rated it medium to strong, but said the scent strength was light.  She said the candle would do better in a smaller room.

– YouTube Reviewer: LisaShares – watch video

Thumbs UpYoutube user LisaShares posted a positive review of the Storm Watch candle.  The reviewer called it a “pretty” scent, describing it as a clean, fresh scent with hints of lavender.  She also complimented the scent throw, calling it “very good”.  She ended the video by recommending the candle for purchase.

– YouTube Reviewer: LindsayyLovee – watch video

Thumbs UpYoutuber LindsayyLovee included Storm Watch in her “Top 10 Favorite Candles for Spring” video.  She called the scent “gorgeous” and said it smells like the air after an afternoon rain storm. 

– CandleScoop.com

Thumbs UpCandleScoop.com gave the Yankee Storm Watch candle a near perfect 4.5 out of 5 star rating.  The reviewer described the fragrance as “incredibly fresh and clean, slightly perfumey”.  She also complimented the scent throw.

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– Featured Amazon.com Customer Review

“Super clean smelling and long lasting candle. It’s not overpowering and is really a calming and relaxing fragrance. Great to have burning while you curl up with a book!”Amazon.com Review


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