Yankee Chocolate Layer Cake Candle Review


Official Yankee Candle Scent Description:
Layers of rich, fudgy cake laden with cocoa and covered with a light chocolate mousse frosting . . . it’s simply to die for!

You can purchase the Chocolate Layer Cake candle on the Yankee website at the following link.

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What Others are Saying about the Chocolate Layer Cake Candle

YouTube Reviewer: Always Being Bellewatch video

Thumbs UpYouTube user Always Being Belle posted a positive review on the Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake Candle in the small tumbler size. The reviewer like the candle on cold sniff and said the candle was burning well. She noted that the scent of the candle was similar to “Brownie Batter” or “Chocolate Cake Batter”, noting a warm, rich scent and medium throw. She stated that the chocolate scent was “not artificial”. 


YouTube Reviewer: CandleDancerwatch video

Thumbs UpPopular candle reviewer CandleDancer gave a positive review of the Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake Candle. The reviewer said the candle had a “nice chocolate” scent, and stated the scent description was pretty accurate. She called the scent throw as “medium”, noting that it was stronger in smaller rooms.  She ended by saying this would be a great pickup for those who like bakery or chocolate scented candles.


Featured Amazon.com Customer Review

“Seriously decadent…I burn the candle for a while and I can live without “needing to eat” a piece of chocolate cake. My son bought the candle, originally as a torture device for me, but it has worked in the opposite manner. Mind you, the candle smells like a very decadent double chocolate cake! It definitely is what it says.” Amazon.com Review


Yankee Chocolate Layer Cake Candle Sizes
º Wax Melt (Up to 8 Hour Burn Time): $1.99
º Votives (Up to 15 Hour Burn Time): $1.99
º 3.7oz Small Jar (25-40 Hour Burn Time): $10.99
º 14.5oz Medium Jar (65-90 Hour Burn Time): $24.99
º 22oz Large Jar (Up to 150 Hour Burn Time): $27.99


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