Yankee Macintosh Scented Candle Review


Official Yankee Macintosh Candle Scent Description:
An all-time best-seller! Enjoy the juiciest, freshest, first-bite-of-the-apple fragrance of a just picked apple. If you love the clean, fresh aroma of a perfectly ripe macintosh apple – and nothing else – you’ll fall head over heels for this fragrance that’s so vividly real you’ll think it’s harvest time at the orchard every time you light the candle. A great fragrance for making your home feel warm and welcoming. Contains notes of Macintosh Apple, Greens & Clove.

The Macintosh candle can be purchased on the Yankee Candle Website at the following link.

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What Others are Saying about the Yankee Macintosh Candle

– EBay.com – see list

Thumbs UpEBay.com rated Macintosh #1 on their list of “Top 10 All-Year Yankee Candle Scents”. 



– YouTube.com Reviewer: Az4Angela – watch video

Thumbs UpPopular YouTube candle reviewer Az4Angela recently reviewed the Yankee Candle Macintosh scent. She noted that this candle was a favorite in the fall, complimenting the wonderful “real apple scent”.  She rated the throw as a 7.5, saying it was very strong. She also noted a clean burn from the candle with a nice wax pool.


– Featured Amazon.com Customer Reviewer

“I love this beautiful red candle. It smells like an apple’s peel, more than the crisp white meat. I down-rated this candle only because it tunneled so badly. I’ve been buying Yankee Candles close to 30 years and I’ve never had one tunnel like this one did.” – Amazon.com review


– Featured Bed, Bath & Beyond Customer Reviewer

“This scent will fill any room with warmth. If you enjoy fruit scented candles this is the one for you. The scent stays strong even after burning several times and brings the feeling of an apple orchard right into your home. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.” – Bed, Bath & Beyond review


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Yankee Macintosh Available Sizes
ο Wax Melt (Up to 8 Hour Burn Time): $1.99
ο Votives (Up to 15 Hour Burn Time): $1.99
ο 3.7oz Small Jar (25-40 Hour Burn Time): $10.99
ο 14.5oz Medium Jar (65-90 Hour Burn Time): $24.99
ο 22oz Large Jar (Up to 150 Hour Burn Time): $27.99


Yankee-Macintosh-14oz-Jar-Candle Yankee Candle Macintosh 22oz Jar Candle










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