Yankee Pain Au Raisin Candle Review


Official Yankee Candle Scent Description:
The tantalising aroma of cognac soaked raisins baked in buttery vanilla dough and sprinkled with cinnamon. The notes of this candle include cognac soaked raisins, butter, vanilla dough, cinnamon.

The Pain Au Raisin Candle can be purchased on the Yankee Candle website at the following link.

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Yankee-Pain-Au-Raisin-Jar-Candle-Review-2 Yankee-Pain-Au-Raisin-Jar-Candle-Review-1








What Others are Saying About the Yankee Pain Au Raisin Candle

–  YouTube Reviewer: Will & Liz Love Scents – watch video
Thumbs UpYouTube user Will & Liz Love Scents posted a positive review of the Yankee Pain Au Raisin Candle.    The reviewers liked the scent calling it “beautiful & delicious” and saying it was strong with notes of butter, cinnamon sugar & vanilla. They went on to say it was a “must” for bakery candle lovers. In terms of scent throw, the reviewers rated the candle a “medium” but got more throw in a smaller room. 


–  HaySparkle.com  – read review
Thumbs Up“it’s sweet, sugary, buttery with a light kick of spice that comes from the cinnamon and just smells absolutely delicious, it’s definitely going to be a hit with those who have a sweet tooth” 


–  BestofCandles.comread review

thumbs downBestofCandles.com had some issues with this candle, in particular a “burned raisin note” & a lack of cinnamon. 


–  Doras Little Forest Glade Blog – read review

Thumbs Up“I have to say it is AMAZING! It fills my small apartment really fast and the scent stays lingering for quite a while and it really smells like baked Raisins. So good and so sweet.”



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